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In 2006, Camp Dainava Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

The goal of the foundation is to create and maintain an endowment for the long-term financial support of Camp Dainava.

As the years pass and more and more campers utilize the campground, Camp Dainava will require significant capital improvements. Past and future contributions to the Foundation establish a capital account being accumulated to fund these improvements. The Camp Dainava Foundation, under the guidance and direction of its Board of Directors, monitors this endowment as well as the physical condition of the campground, in order to ensure that when needed, these funds will be available to sustain the campground for many future generations of campers.

In the words of Dr. Adolfas Damusis, a founder of Camp Dainava, our purpose is to:

INSTILL in our youth a full comprehension of the value of Lithuania’s freedom;

ASSIST our youth to embrace from life’s offerings, all that is good, positive, and beneficial to mankind, and to resist hedonistic temptations which weaken and completely destroy the human spirit;

FOCUS the attention of our youth toward: the value of education, hard work, group solidarity, and the understanding of social justice, that is – towards mankind’s highest ideals.



By Mail

Please make checks payable to:

c/o Matas Cyvas
4013 Williams St. Downers Grove, IL 60515


Donate with a credit card or debit card.

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Dainavos Fondo Poilsio savaitgalis

Dainavos Fondas (Camp Dainava Foundation) kviečia Jus į Poilsio savaitgalį kuris įvyks rugpjūčio 30 – rugsėjo 2 d.d., Dainavos stovyklavietėje.  Bus proga atsisveikinti su vasara ir smagiai praleisti savaitgalį Dainavos gražioje gamtoje su draugais.  Likusį pelną iš šio Poilsio savaitgalio skirsime Dainavos Fondui.

  • Visi kviečiami – tėveliai arba globėjai atsakingi už vaikus iki 18 metų
  • Nesilaikant Dainavos stovyklos elgesio gairių, stovyklos vadovai gali paprašyti, kad dalyvis apleistų stovyklą
  • Tik užsiregistravę dalyviai galės nakvoti Dainavoje
  • Kuo greičiau užrezervuokite vietas pas Liną Mikulionį: linasmik@yahoo.com

2013 Dainavos Fondo Poilsio savaitgalio registracijos anketas [PDF]

2013 Calendars

This year we asked one of our board members, Paulius Jankus, to create a calendar that would capture the beauty of Camp Dainava through his artfully inspired photographs. Special attention was given to some of the many crosses that have been built, which are found in several places throughout the camp. The cross appearing in the calendar months of February and June was created by artist Viktoras Veselka. This same cross, standing at the camp’s entrance crossroad, has greeted campers for over 50 years! We kindly ask that you continue to generously support Camp Dainava Foundation, so that we can guarantee its long-term viability and existence. Anyone who has not received a calendar and would like one can contact Dr. Marius Laniauskas using the information in our contact section.


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Contact Information

The members of the Camp Dainava Foundation Board of Directors are:

♦ Ophelia Barsketis, Member
♦ Matas Cyvas, Treasurer
♦ Paulius Jurgutis, Member
♦ Dr. Audrius Polikaitis, Secretary
♦ Kestutis Susinskas, President

  • O Matas Cyvas 630-484-3976